MSK network members

Title Province Research areas Expertise Type
Aliki Thomas
Quebec Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Knowledge Translation Co-PI
Christian Longtin
Quebec Low back pain, clinical decision making, chronic pain management, phenotype Work related MSK disorders Trainee
Florian Naye
Quebec Low back pain, pain, evaluation, clinical reasoning Trainee
Jacques Abboud
Quebec Neuromuscular control, musculoskeletal pain and biomechanics Investigator
Ahmed Abou-Sharkh
Quebec Aging, Wearable Technologies, Gait, Fracture Trainee
Talia Alenabi
Ontario MSK injuries, Shoulder rehabilitation, Rotator cuff diseases Basic science research and clinical research. Surface and Indwelling Electromyography, MSK Ultrasonography, Motion Analysis System Investigator
Lisandra Almeida
Ontario Exercise and psychological interventions for adults with back pain and Lumbar spine stenosis Systematic review Trainee
Cathy Arnold
Saskatchewan Investigator
Maureen Ashe
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British Columbia mobility, physical activity, sedentary behaviour, behaviour change, lifestyle interventions, workplace sitting, built environment, social environment, active and public transportation, KT Canada Research Chair in Community Mobility Investigator
Hayden Atkinson
Ontario Mobility, arthritis, musculoskeletal health, medical imaging, biomechanics, exercise image segmentation, patient reported outcome measures Investigator
Catherine Backman
British Columbia Occupational Therapy Co-PI
Alec Bass
Quebec Wearable robotic technologies Adapted physical therapy, health promotion, osteoporosis, obesity, imaging Trainee
Brenna Bath
Saskatchewan Health services, healthcare access, prevention and management of chronic back pain Investigator
Dorcas Beaton
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Ontario MSK, smaller joint replacement (ankle, elbow, shoulder, upper extremity, fragility fractures) Occupational Therapy Investigator
Shawn Beaudette
Ontario Spine Biomechanics, Neuromuscular Control, Somatosensory system, Low Back Pain, Spine Deformity, Exercise Kinematics, Kinetics, Electromyography, Ultrasound, Wearable Sensors, Non-linear Dynamics, Machine Learning Investigator
Lauren Beaupreau
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Alberta trauma (hip fracture), upper extremity, total joint arthroplasty Physical Therapy & Orthopaedic Surgery Investigator
Mickael Begon
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Quebec shoulder, gait, work-related shoulder disorders Kinesiology Investigator
Daniel Benoit
Ontario joint biomechanics and neuromuscular control; sports medicine motion analysis, electromyography, musculoskeletal modeling, in vitro, in vivo Investigator
Lauren Benson
Alberta sports injury machine learning Investigator
Krista Best
Quebec Mobility, Participation, Assistive Technology RCT, quasi-experimental, longitudinal Investigator
Corrie Billedeau
Manitoba Collaborator
Trevor Birmingham
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Ontario Musculoskeletal rehabilitation, Clinical biomechanics. Canada Research Chair in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation (Tier I) Physical Therapy Co-PI
Paul Blazey British Columbia Meta-research in sports medicine / MSK disorders Consensus methods, systematic & scoping review, knowledge translation Collaborator
Jason Bouffard
Quebec Movement evaluation in the workplace, work-related MSK prevention and rehabilitation Movement analysis, experimental fatigue and pain Investigator
Laurent J. Bouyer
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Quebec remote movement monitoring , upper & lower extremity, running injury, effect of pain on motor control & motor learning, movement control in the lab and in the field/work place, robotics in rehab Rehabilitation Investigator
Steve Boyd
Alberta Scientific Director, McCaig Instutute Radiology Investigator
Dianne Bryant
Ontario Physical Therapy Investigator
Aleks Budarick
Nova Scotia Clinical biomechanics Quantitative methods, biomechanical evaluation Trainee
Nathalie Bureau
Quebec Quantitative imaging biomarkers of tendon disorders. Ultrasound; MRI; Elastography Investigator
Alexandre Campeau-Lecours
Quebec Assistive technologies, rehabilitation engineering Robotics, EMG, IMU Investigator
Carolina Cancelliere
Ontario epidemiology, implementation research, clinical practice guidelines clinical epidemiology, systematic reviews, prediction modelling Collaborator
Lisa Carlesso
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Quebec Low back and neck disorders; knee pain/osteoarthritis, chronic pain, epidemiology Physical Therapy Investigator
Junie Carriere
Quebec Pain and disability Work related MSK disorders Trainee
Dominique Cava
Ontario Rehabilitation, Biomechanics Gait Analysis Trainee
Jesse Charlton
British Columbia Knee osteoarthritis, biomechanics, conservative treatment Biomechanics, gait analysis Trainee
Manon Choinière
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Quebec Transition from acute to chronic low back pain; knee and thumb OA; biospsychosocial and economic consequences of chronic pain; management of chronic pain Medicine Investigator
Eda Cinar
Quebec gait, balance, measurement, dual task ,cognitive science, tele-rehabilitation Gait analysis Investigator
Allison Clouthier
Ontario Joint biomechanics, knee osteoarthritis, patellofemoral instability biomechanics, musculoskeletal modelling, machine learning Investigator
Lynn Cooper
Ontario Collaborator
Daniel Cote
Quebec Work rehabilitation; Medical anthropology and sociology; pain experience; intercultural communication in health care Qualitative research methodologies: ethnography, grounded theory, etc. Investigator
Julie Cote
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Quebec upper extremity, work-related MSK disorders, sex/gender Kinesiology & Physical Education Investigator
Alex Crizzle
Saskatchewan Investigator
Rachel Dagim Almaw
Ontario Osteoarthritis, Intersection of race and MSK disorders Qualitative, interviews, knowledge translation, scoping review, statistical analyses Collaborator
Noémi Dahan-Oliel
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Quebec Knowledge translation, Quality of life, Transitions to adulthood, Transitions of care, Social participation, Lower limb deformity, Physical disability Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Investigator
Elysia Davis
Nova Scotia Biomechanics, knee osteoarthritis, knee injuries, cartilage adaptation, athletes, women modelling, principal component analysis, Trainee
Simon Decary
Quebec Shared decision making in musculoskeletal rehabilitation. Diagnostic validity Trainee
Kevin Deluzio
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Ontario biomechanical factors of knee OA, non-surgical interventions for knee OA, MSK modeling of human gait, analysis of biomechanical waveform data Engineering Investigator
Simon Deslauriers
Quebec MSK health services research, access to rehabilitation services, integration of PT in primary care, arthritis, chronic pain, interprofessional collaboration Quantitative, survey, database, qualitative, interview, mixed-methods Trainee
François Desmeules
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Quebec mobility, osteoarthritis, joint arthroplasty Physiotherapie Investigator
Clermont Dionne
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Quebec MSK pain Rehabilitation Investigator
Andreas Ejupi
adults, eldery Data analysis Trainee
Ezinne Ekedeigwu
Quebec Invertebral differential dynamics therapy, knee OA, low back pain, frailty Correlational analysis Trainee
Carolyn Emery
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Alberta Injury Prevention, Consequences of Joint Injury, Osteoarthritis, Concussion, JIA, CP Kinesiology Investigator
Jean Francois Esculier
British Columbia Running injuries & knee pain (patellofemoral pain, knee osteoarthritis), running biomechanics and running footwear Trainee
Maryam Farzad
Ontario Pain and disability in hand and upper limb Investigator
Fabio Feldman
British Columbia Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology Patient representative
Debbie Feldman
Quebec health services for msk and rheumatologic conditions, work-related injury and rehab, chronic pain, epidemiology of msk disorders epidemiology, cohort studies, surveys, data-based research Investigator
Reed Ferber
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Alberta Clinical gait biomechanics, big data, running, osteoarthritis, wearable technology Kinesiology Investigator
Louis Ferreira
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Ontario upper extremity, post-surgical joint replacement rehab Mechanical and Materials Engineering Investigator
Deborah Fitzimmons
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Ontario Technology-enabled care provision and capacity building; technology acceptability and adoption Investigator
Maryse Fortin
Quebec Multifidus, paraspinal muscle atrophy, paraspinal muscle fatty infiltration, motor control exercise Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrasound, DEXA Investigator
Carol Fortin
Quebec Scoliosis, muscle function, posture and movement Posture assessment, 3D motion analysis, ultrasound imaging, EEG Investigator
Antoine Frasie
Quebec Wearable sensors validation to assess physical contrains Sport and Work related MSK disorders (Shoulder and low back) Trainee
Simon French
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Ontario implementation science, knowledge translation, low back pain, osteoarthritis Musculoskeletal Conditions Investigator
Kenzie Friesen
Saskatchewan Sports biomechanics Sports related injuries, EMG, IMUs, Camera mocap Investigator
Martha Funabashi
Ontario Spine biomechanics, manual therapy Biomechanical testing, adverse events investigation Investigator
Rose Gagnon
Quebec Economic evaluation, Health care organization, Professional practices, Health services Randomized controlled trials, Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing, Cost-Utility Analysis, Economic modeling Trainee
Marianne Gagnon
Quebec Telerehabilitation for patients having MSK disorders, remote assessment tools, physical disability telerehabilitation for youth having arthrogryposis multiplex congenita and osteogenesis imperfecta, validation of inertial mesurement unit to measure ground reaction force on youth having arthrogryposis multiplex congenita and osteogenesis imperfecta Trainee
Dany Gagnon
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Quebec Upper extremity, trunk,  lower extremity, repetitive movements, functional activities, biomechanics, clinical trials Physiotherapy Investigator
Nathaly Gaudrealt
Quebec Arthritis, tendinopathy, myofascial pain (fascia, trigger points), work related MSK Fondamental research, RCT, single case series, systematic reviews, qualitative research Investigator
Jonathan Gervais-Hupe
Quebec Pain, MSK injuries, access to rehab, health systems Physiotherapy Trainee
Maryam Ghodrati Ontario Pain, Gender, Chronic Musculoskeletal Disorders, Biopsychosocial model Clinical trials, Systematic reviews, Structural validity, Regression modelling Trainee
Ghoseiri, Kamiar
Saskatchewan Limb amputation, rehabilitation, wearable assistive devices Orthotics, prosthetics, gait, research methodology Trainee
Lora Giangregorio
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Ontario arthritis, work-related MSK, work stress, psychosocial factors, participation, accommodations Kinesiology Investigator
Jenna Gibbs
Quebec Musculoskeletal health, exercise physiology, aging, health promotion Clinical trials, exercise interventions, body composition and bone strength assessment Investigator
Jacquie Gibson Alberta Collaborator
Monique Gignac
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Ontario osteoporosis, exercise, knowledge translation Public Health Investigator
Joe Godges
Kristine Godziuk
Alberta Obesity, sarcopenia, osteoarthritis Rehabilitation; Kinesiology Investigator
Anita Gross
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Ontario neck Physiotherapy Investigator
Douglas Gross
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Alberta Work Disability Prevention; MSK Disorders; Work Injury; Workers' Compensation; Occupational Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Investigator
Christine Guptill
Alberta Investigator
Tokiko Hamasaki
Quebec Thumb base (trapeziometacarpal) osteoarthritis, health care Overview of systematic reviews, cross-sectional Trainee
Liz Harrison
Saskatchewan MSK outcome measures, patellofemoral pain syndrome, gait, sport phys Investigator
Lynn Haslam-Larmer
Ontario Mobility of community based older adults, accelerometers, mixed methods studies Mixed methods, qualitative, case studies, KT Investigator
Natasha Hassija
Quebec Shoulder, knee related injuries, mobilization, soft tissue release Dynamic taping, kinesio taping,Mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, pain,CBT Trainee
Jill Hayden
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Nova Scotia Low back pain Commmunity Health & Epidemiology Investigator
Jeffrey Hebert
New Brunswick Spinal pain and related co-morbidities, surgical outcomes Epidemiology, clinical trials, trajectory modeling Investigator
Wendy Hill
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New Brunswick Upper extremity, prosthetics, outcome measures for upper limb amputees Occupational Therapy Investigator
Genevieve Hladysh
Ontario Collaborator
Paul Hodges
Cathie Hofstetter
Ontario Patient representative
Anne Hudon
Ontario Work-related MSK injuries, access to rehabilitation care for MSK injuries, health systems Qualitative research, health policy analysis, ethics analysis, knowledge exchange Collaborator
Michael Anthony Hunt
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British Columbia clinical biomechanics, MSK rehabilitation; gait retraining, wearable sensors Physical Therapy Investigator
Susan Hunter
Ontario Falls and fall-related injuries in older adults, especially those with cognitive impairment; balance and gait control in lower extremity amputees epidemiology, observational studies Investigator
Daniel Imbeau
Quebec mathématiques et de génie industriel Collaborator
Natasha Ivanochko
Ontario biomechanics, vascular health, obesity, lower extremity, equity and diversity in research Biomechanics, kinetics, kinematics, vasculature Trainee
Renaud Jeffrey-Gauthier
Quebec Movement adaptation to pain electrophysiology, video analysis, animal models, human research Trainee
Kelly Kaiser
Alberta Neuromotor Rehabilitation (Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury) systematic literature review, electrical stimulation, motor control Investigator
Tara Kajaks
Ontario Wearable Devices, Biomechanics, Older Adult Mobility, Assistive Tech, Community Care Quantitative Movement Assessment, survey data, qualitative methods Investigator
Gregory Kawchuk
Alberta Biomechanics, virtual reality, imaging Robotics, EMG, Virtual Reality and more! Investigator
Michaela Khan
Ontario Rehabilitation, imaging, biomechanics, orthopaedic surgery Trainee
Jamie Kim
Ontario Collaborator
Dorothy Kim
Ontario Orthpaedics, Paediatrics, Idiopathic Scoliosis, Spine Early onset scoliosis, Spine imaging, Spinal casting, Spinal bracing Investigator
Graham King
Ontario Orthopaedic Surgery Collaborator
Dylan Kobsar
Alberta Gait biomechanics, wearable techonology, osteoarthritis Gait analysis, wearable sensors, multivariate analysis, machine learning Investigator
Cheryl Kozey
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Nova Scotia Biomechanics, Healthy aging, Knee osteoarthritis, Lower back disorders, Predictive models, Electromyography, Human movement, MSK health, Neuromuscular control, Mobility Physiotherapy Investigator
Marie Laberge
Quebec Occupational Therapy and ergonomics OT Investigator
Jacques Laliberté
Quebec Collaborator
Emily Lalone
Ontario Biomechanics In vitro, Imaging Investigator
Mathieu Lalumiere
Quebec Achilles tendinopathy, ultrasonography Electromyography; Motion and force analysis; Ultrasound texture analysis Trainee
Christina Le
Alberta Knee injuries and rehabilitation, knee OA Clinical experience Trainee
Louis-David Beaulieu
Quebec Sensorimotor control of movement and posture; neuroplasticity; neurological and musculoskeletal disorders; Impact of MSK disorders on brain neuroplasticity and sensorimotor control; development and validation of innovative clinical tools Investigator
Guillaume Léonard
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Quebec Pain, work-related MSK disorders Investigator
Charissa Levy
Ontario Collaborator
Kathrine Lippel
Ontario Workers' compensation and work disability prevention law, policy and practices Legal analysis, qualitative research, comparative policy analysis Investigator
Justin Losciale
British Columbia Knee Injury rehabilitation, second knee injury prevention, knee osteoarthritis prevention Return to sport testing, tendinopathies, resistance training Trainee
Stacey Lovo
Saskatchewan telemedicine, remote presence robotics, musculoskeletal conditions, culturally responsive care for Indigenous populations Investigator
Fabio Carlos Lucas De Oliviera
Quebec MSK disorders, clinical research, physiotherapy for MSK disorders kinesiotaping, rotator cuff tendinopathy, shoulder rehabilitation, physiotherapy. Trainee
Michael Lukacs
Ontario Mechanisms behind development of Whiplash and Chronic Pain Conditions Trainee
Mike Lukacs
Ontario Mechanisms behind development of Whiplash and Chronic Pain Conditions Innovation in Physical Therapy Trainee
Derick Luu
Ontario complex regional pain syndrome, persistent pain, knowledge translation qualitative methods Trainee
Anne Lyddiatt
Ontario Patient representative
Joy MacDermid
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Ontario MSK health (upper extremity/neck), rehab and surgical interventions for MSK disorders, pain and disability, work-related risks, interventions and work disability, KT, gender Rehabilitation Science (PT) Co-PI
Ellen MacEachen
Ontario work and health qualitative research methods, work disability policy Investigator
Luciana Macedo
Ontario Common Spinal Disorders Systematic Reviews, Randomized Controlled trials, Longitudinal Cohort Studies, Psychometric testing Investigator
Jacquelyn Marie Maciukiewicz
Ontario biomechanics, clinical populations, Knee OA, Breast Cancer Muscular activation, kinematics, kinetics, computational modelling Trainee
Edward Madou
Ontario Gait, Lower Limb Amputation, Rehabilitation, Neuroscience Gait Assessment, Biostatistics, Observational Study Design Trainee
Monica Maly
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Ontario OA, aging, knee, biomechanics, mobility, physical activity, exercise, occupational injury, muscle, cartilage Rehabilitation Science (PT) Investigator
Ranita Manocha
Alberta Orthoses, Biomechanics, Functional Outcomes Upper Extremity, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Physiatry, Wheelchairs, Walking Aids Investigator
Jackie Marsh
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Ontario effectiveness and efficiency of MSK health care delivery models, e-health, web-based technology Investigator
Deborah Marshall
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Alberta OA and RA and sports injury Community Health Sciences Investigator
Marylie Martel
Quebec Stimulation magnétique transcrânienne, mesures psychophysiques, mécanismes endogènes de contrôle de la douleur Trainee
Hugo Masse Alarie
Low back pain, chronic pain, sensorimotor control of the trunk muscles, exercises, neurostimulation, central nervous system Transcranial magnetic stimulation, EMG, peripheral electrical/magnetic stimulation, vibration Investigator
Kedar Mate
Quebec Health outcomes research, technology and innovation, entrepreneurship, business Rasch Measurement Theory, Patient-reported outcome and patient reported experience measures Trainee
Sue Mawson
Nancy Mayo
Quebec Investigator
Darren Mazzei
Alberta Health Economics, Policy, Osteoarthrtisis Health Services Research, other MSK diseases Trainee
Linda McLean
Ontario pelvic floor muscle function and dysfunction; musculoskeletal injury associated with pregnancy and delivery, aging electromyography (incl. needle and fine wire), ultrasound imaging, shear wave elastography, Investigator
Erinn McQueen
Carlo Menon
British Columbia smart materials, human-machine interfaces, clinical populations Investigator
Catherine Mercier
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Quebec central changes observed in MSK disorders and their role in chronicity Faculty of Medicine Investigator
Kohle Merry British Columbia Tendinopathy; Exercise Therapy; Biofeedback; Intervention Development; Tele-rehab Sport-related MSK disorders Trainee
Giulia Mesaroli
Ontario Chronic pain, measurement, virtual reality mixed methods, VR Trainee
Sohrob Milani Zadeh
Ontario Rehabilitation, Bioengineering, Physical Therapy Upper extremity Trainee
Jordan Miller
Ontario pain, primary care, back pain, neck pain clinical trials, systematic reviews, mixed methods Investigator
Maxime Mireault
Ontario Pain, pain patterns, occupation upper extremity, work-related MSK disorders, neuroplasticity Trainee
Gabriel Moisan
Quebec Foot orthoses, lower limb musculoskeletal disorders Kinematics, kinetics, Electromyography Investigator
Chanelle Montpetit
Quebec Chronic low back pain, gluteal morphology, gluteal function, MRI, pain Chronic low back pain Trainee
Suzanne Morin
Quebec Investigator
Rebecca Moyer
Nova Scotia knee osteoarthritis, biomechanics, gait analyses, cartilage, imaging, rehabilitation, physical activity, exercise, surgical intervention gait analysis, rehabilitation, cartilage segmentation Investigator
Stephanie Nathaniel
Alberta Health promotion, physical activity, return to activity/sport, MSK rehabilitation clinical outcomes, exercise prescription, research protocols Trainee
Ahmed Negm
Alberta Sarcopenia, Frailty, Sarcopenic Obesity, Aging, Body Composition, Arthritis, Arthroplasty, Gait Analysis Systematic Review, Network meta-analysis, Randomized Controlled trials, Pilot and feasibility, Big Data, Regression modelling Collaborator
Saman Nikpour
Ontario Biomedical alloys Biomechanics Trainee
JoAnn Nilson
Saskatchewan Bleeding disorder, pain, MSK rehab Hemophelia Collaborator
Maureen O'Brien
Alberta Physical medicine and rehabilitation, mobility, clinical populations Walking aids, rehabilitation, gait training Trainee
Humberto Omana
Ontario Gait and balance impairments Spatial temporal gait analysis Trainee
Temitope Osifeso
Ontario Work-related musculoskeletal disorders, Public safety personnel, Mental health disorders, Quality of life, Online interventions Systematic reviews, Scoping reviews, Narrative reviews, meta-analysis, regression analysis, ANOVA, SEM Trainee
Isabelle Page
Quebec Rehabilitation; Back pain; technologies; complementary and alternative medicine experimental design; reliability; ANOVA; Investigator
Gabrielle Page
Quebec Low back pain trajectories, ecological momentary assessment Investigator
Derek Pamukoff
Ontario Biomechanics, Gait, Knee, Running, Osteoarthritis 3D Biomechanics, Gait Analyses, Neuromuscular Physiology, Ultrasound Imaging Investigator
Jann Paquette-Warren
Ontario Collaborator
Steven Passmore
Manitoba Spinal Manipulation, Perceptual Motor Behaviour, Non-Pharmacological Pain Managment, Outcome Measures Motion Analysis Investigator
Rajni Patel
Ontario Robotic systems for stroke rehabilitation and movement disorders; in-home rehab devices Robotics, haptics, teleoperation, mechatronic system design Investigator
Kadija Perreault
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Quebec Health services research, access to rehabilitation services, pain conditions, interprofessional collaboration, health promotion Rehabilitation Investigator
Rob Petrella
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Ontario Healthy aging, mobility, osteoarthritis, multiple-modality, hypertension, exercise science, healthy lifestyle, primary care, cardiovascular prevention, diabetes, men’s health, obesity, clinical trials Kinesiology Investigator
Celeste Petrusevski
Ontario healthy aging, chronic conditions, public health, knowledge translation mobility and functional impatiements Investigator
Mathieu Piché
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Quebec pain, neurophysiology, MSK disorders Investigator
Dimitra Pouliopoulou
Ontario Epidemiology, Arthritis, Osteoporosis Systematic Review, Meta analysis, Network Meta analysis Trainee
Carla Prado
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Alberta Nutrition, Body Composition, energy metabolism, obesity, sarcopenia Nutrition, Food and Health Investigator
Steven Pretty
Ontario Biomechanics; Osteoporosis; Musculoskeletal Imaging; Mobility Mechanical testing; Fall simulation; Tether release; Structural engineering modeling Trainee
Codie Primeau
Ontario Osteoarthritis - Clinical investigations and health economics Economic evaluation, regression methods Trainee
Julie Richardson
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Ontario Preclinical disability, mobility, physical function, aging, arthritis, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, chronic disease, self-management, prevention, electronic personal health record Physiotherapy Investigator
Shawn Robbins
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Quebec mobility, osteoarthritis, joint arthroplasty PT Investigator
Stephen Robinovitch
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British Columbia MSK rehab, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, and School of Engineering Science Co-PI
Sydney Robinson
Ontario Stem cells, prosthetics, wearable sensors biomechanical research Trainee
Isabel Rodrigues
Ontario Intersectionality,Sarocpenia Mixed methods Investigator
Janet Ronsky
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Alberta MSK disorders, lower extremity, spine, scoliosis, neuromotor function and adaptation, knee OA and soft tissue injuries Engineering Investigator
Brent Rosenstein
Quebec Chronic low back pain, paraspinal muscle health, rehabilitation MRI, ultrasound, exercise Trainee
Dominique Rouleau
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Quebec Upper extremity and trauma Surgery Investigator
Jean-Sébastien Roy
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Quebec Arthritis / OA, Locomotor Activity / Movement Disorders Physical Therapy Co-PI
Derek Rutherford
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Nova Scotia OA Knee/Hip Physiotherapy Investigator
Joanna Sale
Ontario Patient perspective, medication use, MSK health, fracture secondary prevention qualitative research (phenomenology, grounded theory, qualitative description, secondary analysis) Investigator
Sergio Salinas
Ontario Upper Limb Rehabilitation Technology, Wearable Sensors, Mixed Reality, Robotics Machine Learning Trainee
Lina Santaguida
Ontario Osteoarthritis Aging, Arthritis, Technology, Rehabilitation Investigator
Paulo Sanzo
Ontario Quantative Investigator
Cyril Schneider
Quebec Chronic low back pain, brain plasticity, etc. neurophysiology - brain motor excitability - motor control - biomechanics, etc. Investigator
Alex Scott
British Columbia Chronic Pain, Tendinopathy, Rehabilitation Clinical trials, physiology research, translational and mechanistic studies Investigator
Ervin Sejdic
Ontario Gait, swallowing, data science, medical devices Machine learning, signal processing, image processing, wearables Investigator
Erfan Shafiee
Ontario Pain and Disability in Hand and Upper Extremity Systeamtic review; Meta-analysis Trainee
Cathie Sherrington
Diego Roger Silva
Ontario Inflamatory biomarkers, MSK pain, falls, biomechanics Biomechanic, MSK pain, Pain, Low back pain, pre-surgical rehabilitation, lumbar spinal stenosis Investigator
Martin Simoneau
Quebec Sensorimotor control of human movement sensorimotor integration, balance control, spatial updating, biomechanics, brain oscillations Investigator
Kathryn Sinden
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Quebec Applied Ergonomics, Occupational Health, Sex/Gender and Work, Knowledge Translation Kinesiology Investigator
Stephane Sobczak
Quebec Spine, Kinematics, Biomechanics, Neurodynamic All topics related to joints conditions and movement alterations following surgical procedures Investigator
Mark Sommerfeldt
Alberta sports related injury, knee and shoulder arthroscopic surgery and rehabilitation Clinical Outcomes Investigator
Jim Stevely
Ontario The Importance of the MSK Screening, inspection of the joint, Different types of Arthritis MSK Screening, Ank Spon, DISH, Osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis,Spondyloarthropathies Patient representative
Peter Stillwell
Nova Scotia Pain, MSK conditions Qualitative, phenomenology Investigator
Susan Stock
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Quebec work-related MSK disorders; gender and work; occupational health; social inequalities; health inequalities; public health médecine sociale et préventive Investigator
Mike Szekeres
Ontario Upper Extremity Rehabilitation, Hand Therapy, Knowledge Translation, Use of Technology quantitative analysis, setting up RCTs Investigator
Matthew Teeter
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Ontario Orthopaedic implants and devices, additive manufacturing Medical Biophysics Investigator
Jane Thornton
Ontario physical activity and multimorbidity, physical activity and inflammation, Injury Prevention and Health Protection of the Athlete Investigator
Norio Tomita
Quebec Characteristics of the thoracolumbar fascia in patients with nonspecific low back pain Trainee
Yannick Tousignant-Laflamme
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Quebec low back pain, complex regional pain syndrome, chronic pain management Physiotherapie Investigator
Ana Luisa Trejos
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Ontario wearable devices, rehabilitation mechatronics, upper extremity, MSK disorders Electrical and Computer Engineering Investigator
Linda Truong
Alberta traumatic knee injuries, post-traumatic osteoarthritis clinical expertise - 6 years of clinical experience Trainee
Katia Turcot
Quebec Biomechanics, 3D motion analysis, musculoskeletal disorders 3D kinematics, kinetics, inertial sensors Investigator
Zakir Uddin
Quebec upper extremity, work related back pain and knee pain quantitative sensory testing (QST), performance measure Trainee
Nathan Urquart
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Nova Scotia Sports Medicine, arthroscopy, MSK disorders, knee ligament injury, shoulder instability Orthopaedic Surgery Investigator
Kyle Vader
Ontario musculoskeletal pain; lived experience; biopsychosocial models of care; self-management; interventions; team-based care; primary healthcare; integrated knowledge translation qualitative Trainee
Raphael Vincent
Quebec Upper extremity (shoulder) Concordance study, delphi, qualitative Trainee
Ruoa Walha
Quebec lower extrimity, foot disease, gait, biomechanics gait analysis, plantar pressure analysis Trainee
David Walton
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Ontario MSK Trauma, pain, and related disability.  Acute-to-chronic pain transition.  Measuring pain and disability.  Health Professional education and continuing development Physical Therapy Investigator
Hope Weiler
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Quebec Nutrition and MSK health Dietetics & Human Nutrition Investigator
Marie Westby
British Columbia Arthritis, total joint arthroplasty, exercise prescription, quality indicators systematic reviews, Delphi consensus process, focus groups, survey Investigator
Jackie Whittaker
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Alberta MSK rehab care and services, OA, injury Prevention, locomotor activity/movement disorders, muscle function/motor control, trauma/injuries, public health, pathogenesis and treatment of MSK diseases of the knee and lumbar spine. Physical Therapy Investigator
Timonthy Wideman
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Quebec Work-related MSK disorders, chronic pain, back pain, OA, fibromyalgia Physical Therapy Investigator
Linda Wilhelm
Ryan Willing
Ontario Knee and upper extremity bone and joint mechanics Experimental (in vitro), Computational (finite element analysis, multibody dynamics), Design Investigator
Janie Wilson
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Nova Scotia biomechanics, biomedical engineering, mobility, balance, falls, ice hockey, injuries, injury prevention, bone fracture, traumatic brain injury, Engineering Co-PI
Hazel Wilson
Ontario Patient representative
Gregory Wohl
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Ontario bone mechanics, bone adaptation, MSK tissue mechanics, diet, pharmaceutical effects on MSK tissues and adaptation, bone injury and repair, orthopaedic biomechanics Mechanical Engineering Investigator
Linda Woodhouse
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Alberta low back pain, soft tissue knee injuries (e.g. Post traumatic knee OA), rheumatology  Physical Therapy Investigator
Audrey Zucker Levin
Saskatchewan Phantom limb control, cortical reorganization, prosthetic intervention EMG, gait analysis, study design, functional measures Investigator