The ‘out-of-the-lab’ Initiative to Measure Movement (i-MeMo) was launched because of a desire of researchers across Quebec to pool their expertise to develop technologies and do research more efficiently.  

The ‘out-of-the-lab’ Initiative to Measure Movement brings together researchers from four Quebec universities as well as their national and international collaborators interested in measuring movement in activities of daily living.  

It brings together several research themes spread over a continuum, from hardware development to the social acceptability of wearable technologies.  

For the general public, this site will be a directory of researchers, their teams, their expertise and their recent publications in the field.

For researchers, clinicians, graduate students, and research associates, this site will be a visibility portal for technological projects as well as a repository of relevant publications in the field.  

Finally, this site will also be a place to link with clinical/industrial partners involved in movement measurement research